cui jian michael learns to rock – dim sum bomb remix

Called the “Dim Sum Bomb Remix,” Hong Kong-based songwriter, arranger and producer Ian Parkinson, working with Hans Ebert, former Executive Producer with EMI South East Asia, has married the track, “I Have Nothing,” an original Mandarin recording released by Cui Jian in the Eighties and which has become something of a “national anthem” in China with a new English version of the song by MLTR and called “I Walk This Road Alone” plus a Parkinson riff that takes the track to a completely new space in time.

The end result is a nine-minute “Trip Out” full of distortion, machine-gun-fire guitar and harmonica breaks and a healthy dose of post-nirvana psychedelia.

“The idea for the mash-up or Remix or whatever it now is came from Hans,” explains Parkinson. “I worked on it without any split parts and with the first version featuring the Cui Jian and MLTR tracks going through quite a few changes as we knew we had created something different and just wanted to push the creative envelope further with input from Hans who is very familiar with marrying the music of Asia with the music of International acts.”