david bowie – china girl remixes

Cinemix :

ian created a really cool chilled out mix, which he ended up calling the Cinemix because we could imagine it in a movie, set in the mountains of China. It had a very simple arrangement of Bowie’s vocal, Erhu (chinese violin) and synth pad, and light Chinese percussion. Then Ian took some of the elements from the Cinemix, and elaborated on them with upbeat rhythms and hypnotic arpeggiators etc. creating what’s sure to become a classic Club mix. when Bowie himself heard the tracks, he claimed “these are some of the coolest remixes anyone has ever done for me.

Dance Mix :

EMI wanted a dance mix that they could play in all the clubs in asia, and at the time people in europe were also very interested in more world type sounds and how east could meet west in a very cool way.

to hear clips, visit bowie portfolio page